O U R   S T O R Y

Passed down from generation after generation of Wynn women, Pastor Martha R. Austin known as Memah to close friends and family was destined for culinary greatness.  

At Memah's every cake, pie, and meal is made with a heavenly touch of love! From the icings to the gravies all of our delicious edibles are made from 100% scratch. Nothing beats homemade goodness!

In the city of Milwaukee, many catering clientele and restaurant goers had become pleasantly familiar with Iberia (Memah's eldest sister) of Iberia's Kitchen for her delectable Cajun cuisine. Memah has since picked up the reins and has been baking and sautéing her way in to the hearts of many!

At Memah’s Kitchen we are passionate about people and the connection God has provided through the preparation of food.  At Memah's you get more than a cake or main course, you receive a spiritual and life-changing experience with each bite.

We are excited that you have decided to visit our site and we cannot wait to make you something special straight from Memah's Kitchen!